A New Adult Animated Comedy Series

One day two friends were talking, and were like, “It’s about time somebody made an animated series about an old timey baseball team.”

So we made one ourselves.

BUSH LEAGUERS is an adult animated comedy series about a team of misfit, old school baseball players, set in the gritty, rough and tumble world of turn of the century New York City.

Inspired by classic ensemble TV comedies like THE SIMPSONS, FUTURAMA, and 30 ROCK, our heroes and villains will have to contend with each others eccentricities, and the traps and temptations of big city life, in order to keep the team afloat.

Here you’ll find more details on the concept and its development, as well as a proof-of-concept short film that we produced, and some information about its production.

We love feedback, and we’d love to take make more of these on a larger scale, so don’t hesitate to EMAIL US with any questions or comments. We’d love to connect.

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Robert McKeon Sam Fletcher




A show about a old-school baseball players set in turn of the century New York?!

Learn more about the concept, characters, and world here.


See the characters in action, as star player Rube Shaw tries to round up his errant teammates for the annual team photograph in this proof of concept short, BUSH LEAGUERS, “TEAM PHOTO.”


Learn about the development, design, and production production of the concept and short, and all of the people behind it.